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Title - Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett Gordon
Music videos of Colyn Fischer on fiddle & Shauna Pickett-Gordon on piano. They play traditional Scottish music and new music in the Scottish tradition, 'Jazzeltic' (Jazz-influenced Celtic), World and Improvisation. Colyn has twice won the U.S. Open Scottish Fiddling Championship. They are based in the San Francisco Bay area.
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Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon - The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft video Link   The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft
Apr 2010 - 3:14

Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon - The Astonomer   The Astronomer
Oct 2009 - 4:34

Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon Willaim Marshall set Hawick   Set of Tunes
by William Marshall

Oct 2008 - 4:47

JS Skinner set  by Colyn Fischer   Colyn Fischer - Solo
J. Scott Skinner Set

Dec 2007 - 4:20

Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett-Gordon 'Mind your Step' video Link   Mind Your Step
Apr 2009 - 2:00

Bridal Veil Falls video - Link   Bridal Veil Falls
Mar 2008 - 2:30

video: A Fregishe Fancy - Link  
A Fregishe Fancy

July 2008 - 2:58

Coilsfied house video start   Coilsfield House
June 2008 - 4:30

video: Music for St. Andrews Society - Peat-Fire Flame   Music for
the St. Andrew's Society
of San Francisco

July 2008 - 4:57

video: Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers -Peat-Fire Flame set on Scotland tour - Link   Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
'Peat-Fire Flame' set

Oct 2008 - 4:35

Colyn & Shauna in concert with PSF in Scotland - video includes a montage of their 2008 tour

Jessica House Concert   Jessica's House Concert
June 2008 - 0:59

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