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Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers 'Peat-Fire Flame' set
Michael John Ahern 'I Believe' - with Douglas Mandell & Chris Martin
Ian Butler 'My Dead Atheist Friend' - with William Oaks
Dave Crimmen 'Beautiful Women'
Colyn Fischer - J. Scott Skinner Set - solo
- Page - with Shauna Pickett-Gordon
- Page - with Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
Tom Fraser 'War Zone'
Nomi Harper 'The Beauty In You'
Mark Kostrzewa - 'Victory's Garden'
- 'Solstice of Solitude'
- 'Martha Lou'
- 'Solve for X' - with Jason Cuttler
- 'Heart of the Matter' - with Jason Cuttler
- 'Noche Estrellada' - with Mike McCall
- 'You Will Always See' - with LizAnah
LizAnah - 'True Colors' - with Sean Griffin & Doug Ott
- 'Fade to Black' - with Sean Griffin
- 'You Will Always See' - with Mark Kostrzewa
Adrienne Lovelock
& Peter Day
- 'Take Me Up to Heaven'
- 'Across the Great Divide'
- 'Sailor Home From the Sea'
Randy Mahrer 'Charis'
Mike McCall 'Noche Estrellada' - with Mark Kostrzewa
Megan McLaughlin 'My Next Life'
Auri Naggar music, haunted house, radio interviews, articles
Kevy Nova - 'She Makes' (a short version)
- 'Mourning Time'
Bob Peterson 'Writer's Block'
Shauna Pickett-Gordon Page - with Colyn Fischer
Page - with Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
Teddy Randazzo Jr. 'Tribute to King David'
Eddie Raymond 'Damned Old Machines' - with Peter Innes
Vera Vanderschalk - 'Tarantas' (traditional Spanish flamenco)
- 'Soleares'
4th St. Experience 'Noche Estrellada' - Mike McCall & Mark Kostrzewa
Beargrass Creek 'Crossing the Border'
Border Fiddles Four sample videos - concert in Hawick, Scotland 2008
Califuegos 'Caballos' - for the parade in Coastside Dogs 2
Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band Scottish Ceilidh Dancing (Spootiskerry, Willafjord, Homeward Bound, Brenda Stubbert's Reel)
The Don Giovannis - 'Ti Voglio Tanto Bene'
- 'Torna a Surriento'
Fingerpuppets 'Josephine'
Fret & Fiddle - page with all Fret & Fiddle videos by Coastside Video
- medley at Hop Dogma
- shout out & a bit of 'Pigeons on the Gate'
- 'Star of the County Down'
- 'Cripple Creek'
- 'Whiskey Before Breakfast'
The Keller Sisters 'Hillbilly Blond' - Sheryl & Kerry
Marching Bands Marching Bands from Fogfest 2012 - Cabrillo-Vallemar, Jefferson, Terra Nova, Ingrid B Lacy
Mark Reid 'Peace From the Heart' - Mark Binion & Dennis Reid
Molly's Revenge Angelica's March 2011 - David Brewer intro
Colyn and Shauna Page - Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon
Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers Page (PSF) - Scotland tour 2008
Radio Rebelde 'Desde el Espejo' - Javier Villanueva & Fausto Contreras
San Francisco Taiko Dojo 'Hiryu San Dan Gaeshi' - Rising Stars

Video link: Fret and Fiddle shout out and play bit of Pigeons on the Gate   Fret & Fiddle Music Videos

Fret and Fiddle medley at Hop Dogma   Fret & Fiddle
Medley at Hop Dogma

Oct 2016 - 2:11

Mark Kostrzewa video 'Victory's Garden'   Mark Kostrzewa
"Victory's Garden"

2011 - 5:14

videov link: marching Bands at Fogfest 2012   Marching Bands at Fogfest 2012
bands from four schools march in the parade
Sept 2012 - 6:20

Video Link: LizAnah - True Colors   LizAnah
"True Colors"
with Sean Griffin & Doug Ott

April 2011 - 7:13

Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers - Peat-Fire  Flame set - Link   Peninsula Scottish Fiddlers
"Peat-Fire Flame" set

Oct 2008 - 4:35

PSF Scotland Tour Video Page

Video Link - Megan McLaughlin My Next Life   Megan McLaughlin
"My Next Life"

Nov 2013 - 5:40

Video Link: Michael John Ahern : 'I Believe'   Michael John Ahern
"I Believe"

June 2011 - 6:53

video: Kevy Nova -She Makes - Link   Kevy Nova
"She Makes"
a short version
Oct 2009 - 1:42

Video Link: Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett Gordon: The Carle Cam Oer the Craft   Colyn Fischer &
Shauna Pickett-Gordon
"The Carle Cam' O'er the Craft"

April 2010 - 3:14

Video Link: keller Sisters : 'Hillbilly Blond'   The Keller Sisters
"Hillbilly Blond"

June 2012 - 3:17

video link - Border Fiddles samples   Border Fiddles
four sample videos

Hawick, Scotland
Aug 2008

Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band - Scottish ceilidh - Video link   Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band
Scottish Ceilidh Dancing

Ednam, Scotland
Oct 2008 - 9:02

Fret and Fiddle 'Cripple Creek   Fret & Fiddle
"Cripple Creek"

May 2016 - 3:58

Mark Kostrzewa video 'Heart of the Matter'   Mark Kostrzewa & Jason Cuttler
"Heart of the Matter"

Feb 2010 - 5:00

Colyn Fischer & Shauna Pickett-Gordon perform The Astronomer   Colyn Fischer
& Shauna Pickett-Gordon
"The Astronomer"

Oct 2009 - 4:34
Colyn & Shauna video page

Video Link: Molly's Revenge - David Brewer - Angelica's - 2011   Molly's Revenge at Angelica's
Intro by David Brewer
March 2011 - 1:00

LizAhna Fade to Black video   LizAnah
"Fade to Black"
with Sean Griffin

Sept 2009 - 4:10

LizAnah and Mark Kostrzewa play LizAnah's 'You Will Always See'   LizAnah
"You Will Always See"
with Mark Kostrzewa

June 2009 - 4:16

Vera Vanderschalk - Soleares video   Vera Vanderschalk

Nov 2009 - 3:37

Video Link: Vera Vanderschalk Spanish Flemanco guitar - Tarantas   Vera Vanderschalk

April 2010 - 5:17

Bob Peterson - Writer's Block video link   Bob Peterson
"Writer's Block"

Nov 2009 - 3:22

Nomi Harper - The Beauty In You   Nomi Harper
"The Beauty In You"

June 2009 - 4:09

Mike Mcall & Mark Kostrzewa play Mike's 'Noche Estrellada'   Mike McCall & Mark Kostrzewa
"Noche Estrellada" (Starry Night)

May 2009 - 4:37

Kevy Nova - Mourning Time   Kevy Nova
"Mourning Time"

July 2009 - 4:17

Video Link - Coastside Dogs 2   Califuegos

For the parade in Coastside Dogs 2
June 2012 - 3:38

Mark Reid song: Peace From the Heart - Link   Mark Reid
"Peace From the Heart"

Apr 2010 - 6:03

Video Link: Adrienne Lovelock & Peter Day: Take Me Up to heaven   Adrienne & Peter
"Take Me Up to Heaven"

Aug 2011 - 4:01

Beargrass Creek 'Crossing the Border' video start   Beargrass Creek
"Crossing the Border"

Nov 2009 - 3:46

Ian Butler and Bill Oaks performs Ian's song 'My Dead Atheist Friend' - Link   Ian Butler & William Oaks
"My Dead Atheist Friend"

Aug 2009 - 4:02

Dave Crimmen 'Beautiful Women' start   Dave Crimmen
"Beautiful Women"

Sept 2009 - 2:35

The Don Giovannis - Ti Voglio Tanto Bene Video - Link   The Don Giovannis
"Ti Voglio Tanto Bene"

Composed in Italy about 1905
July 2009 - 4:42

video link - The Don Giovannis Torna a Surriento   The Don Giovannis
"Torna a Surriento"
Composed in Italy about 1902
July 2009 - 4:39

Fingerpuppets ' Josephine' video fogfest 2010 Link   Fingerpuppets

Sept 2010 - 4:10

Tom Fraser - War Zone video   Tom Fraser
"War Zone"

Aug 2009 - 3:58

Randy Mahrer - Charis   Randy Mahrer

April 2009 - 4:30

Colyn Fischer and Shauna Pickett-Gordon 'Mind your Step' video Link   "Mind Your Step"
Colyn Fischer
& Shauna Pickett-Gordon

April 2009 - 2:00
Colyn & Shauna video page

Teddy Randazzo - King David Video - Link   Teddy Randazzo Jr.
"Tribute to King David"

August 2009 - 5:12

Radio Rebelde 'Desde el Espejo - Start video   Radio Rebelde
"Desde el Espejo"

June 2009 - 4:17

Video: Eddie Raymond and Peter Innes 'Damned Old Machines' i link   Eddie Raymond & Peter Innes
"Damned Old Machines"

March 2010 - 4:51

San Francisco Taiko Dojo Rising Stars at 7th St   San Francisco
Taiko Dojo Rising Stars
"Hiryu San Dan Gaeshi"

Oct 2009 - 2:49

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